Beat farm Recorders recording studio, London

Blue Cosmic Monkey

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Beatfarm Recorders proudly present a fine selection of Disco Electronica from Blue Cosmic Monkey. Leading DJ and producer from Tokyo Japan.

Since 2005 He has been performing live extensively throughout the world and including London where he was able to hook up with 2TEK The resulting production is the first track on this 6 track E.P. entitled “Human Robot” an extended version also appears at track 6

Blue Cosmic Monkey is an innovative experimentalist in the new wave of Synth based retro electronica and Beatfarm Recorders are pleased to welcome him to our stable of artists.

  1. Human Robot (Edit)
    Human Robot’s have fun in a Robo Bar
  2. Alchemy
    Symphonic Chill! Relaxing post rave sparse and thoughtful.
  3. System Exchange
    All systems GO! Another epic journey. Set the controls for the ring of Saturn. Our space ship is powered by Bleep energy!
  4. Bassquiat
    Cosmic Monkey meets New Order in an amusement arcade!
  5. RoboPop
    A traditional love story in the garden of the Blue Cosmic mind Tender and optimistic dance floor and radio friendly
  6. Human Robot (Extended)
    Extra length Robot attack Too big! Take out!