Beat farm Recorders recording studio, London

The King Brillo Sound – Part 1

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Rockers, Jazz, Blues and Ska in a King Brillo style.

Featuring Max Edwards, Kenrick Rowe/Richie Stevens on Drums. Iain (Spy) Austin on bass, Alan Weekes Guitars, plus the regular crew and the Brillo brass section backing some of the finest solo performers around in London town.

The King Brillo Sound parts One and Two are a blend of recording studio technique and live recording… Marco dubs it again and flings it… 2008

  1. The Real Hard Work
  2. No Katty
  3. No Respec
  4. Ska La Mush
  5. Nicesmooves
  6. Jump Around To The King Brillo Sound
  7. Hounds Of Holloway
  8. Lambeth Ska
  9. Dub Cowboy
  10. Take Me To Your Town
  11. Take Me To Your Town Again
  12. Space Hoppa
  13. Eezee Breeze

Cat No. BFR07CD