Beat farm Recorders recording studio, London

Pressure Zone – Johannesburg EP

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5 mixes of this Pressure Zone recording dating from 1989 including the full on DJ Danny Rampling mix with piano and percussion heavy “Kitchen sink” rhythm and vocals by Naomi Osbourne.The Rampling radio edit of the same mix session. The “Frontline mix”  Funked up version of the title. Plus “Dub Chant” Another Pressure Zone/ King Brillo dancehall dub style version.

Plus an inspired instrumental reworking of the same rhythm with David Clayton’s pitch bending and mind bending mutating keyboard solo all dubbed up jammed and recorded live into the mix by pressure Zone and entitled “Good Morning America”

  1. Danny Rampling mix
  2. Rampling Radio edit
  3. Frontline mix
  4. Dub Chant
  5. Good Morning America