Beat farm Recorders recording studio, London

Pressure Zone – Ultimate Drive 3

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Another ‘groover’, plenty of dubbed up pervy house and acid jazzy soul vibes from start to finish. Lots of groovy funked up rhythms. Soloists David Clayton Richenel Baars, Lance T Briggs, Danny Cummings and Iain Austin make this a memorable outing and oneā€¦.. not to be missed!

  1. Jah Gunslinger
  2. So Real
  3. Desert Son
  4. Teach Me
  5. Let It Take You
  6. Beauty From Within
  7. Pistol Eyes
  8. Croc Stomp
  9. Mr President
  10. Zak Raj
  11. Lunar Love
  12. Gwaan Swiper
  13. Still I Wake
  14. Swing On
  15. Performance And Image

Cat No. BFR03CD